Shared voicemail greeting for no agents - automatically switches to off

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Good afternoon,

I'm trying to adjust our Global Voice Application Policy and for some reason, every time I set "Shared voicemail greeting for no agents" to on after a few seconds it switches back off.  Is there a different method of setting this that will allow the setting to stay?



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No, if you have change these setting and Save the change it should not changed to off in your Voice application policy
This happens in my tenant too. That option was recently added by MS but doesn't stick when enabled and saved. In addition, I get this warning on top every time I access the policy: "We can't get the group assignments for this policy right now. Try again. If you continue to have problems, contact Microsoft customer support."

The Voice Application Policies will also be updated, if the new Call Queue App is available.
You can try to use Powershell

Set-CsTeamsVoiceApplicationsPolicy -Identity "SDA-CQ-OverflowGreeting" -AllowCallQueueNoAgentSharedVoicemailGreetingChange $true