Shared Drive link in MS Teams

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Hi all,

What is the best way to add a clickable link to shared drive within a Team?
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Explain your scenario!

From Teams you can select a file and get a team link which will redirect users to Teams and open that file! You can also select a sharepoint url which will open it in office online from sharepoint

Hi Adam,

Some of the files due to company data Share policy could not upload within the team. Do you know what is the best way to setup clickable shared drive link within the team?

Thank you.
Oh! Now I get it! AFAIK it’s not possible to create a link to your locally shared drives

No, So I just tested trying the file:/// for a URL link and Teams won't recognize this as a valid link in the "ctrl+k" input box, nor as text in the chat. Best bet for now is probably just to navigate to the location and copy and paste the file path by clicking the File Explorer nva bar so that they can do the same-its only one click more than a link for the other person. Here's what that looks like in File Explorer:

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Yeah! We’ve had these discussion before here! There are a few user voices for this request!
Also keep in mind this may not be a good idea mostly due to Teams being a cloud service and can be accessed from everywhere, whereas local shared drives may not be accessible!
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Of course, this could be too much trouble, but if this is a common request in your organization, it's also possible (without a great deal of trouble) via PowerApps to setup a gateway to the File Server and allow browsing via an app that you can embed in a Teams Tab within a channel- this would also be a much more secure way to enable this. 


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Only downfall for that thou is you have to have an upgraded PowerApps license for your users to use the On-Premis gateway :P.

While we need MS to ultimately do the right thing here, this is a great way to help avoid people repeatedly "searching for that folder" again and again. Thanks for the imaginative solution!

@adam deltinger ... and then you'd get a "file location not available" message and then you'd remember to connect your VPN?

FYI, you can vote for this in UserVoice here: Allow hyperlinking to network drive locations.

@Badal Ratra I right-click, + drag my file into an Outlook email and select CREATE HYPERLINK HERE. Then I copy that network URL over to Teams. Wish there was a direct way to do this.

I agree - this is a really important issue for my company.  Previously in Skype for Business, my colleagues and I could share internal links easily.  (Within the company, we use a single virtual drive nationwide.)  Most of the time, we don't want to link to a file, but to a folder (e.g., "All the files are in this folder...").  Another advantage for this is that each project folder name also includes our internal charge number.  As it is now, we can paste the link text into the Teams message, but it's not a link - just text.