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I work in a support role where we use Teams Voice to handle telephony. I want to setup a list of contacts for our support team, so that when a call comes in (from an external number) we can recognise who it is without each having to maintain our own contact list. This list would ideally:

  • be shared within a specific group of people, where myself or someone else within the group can maintain membership (we don't have O365 admin permissions)
  • automatically sync between members of the group, or be able to be exported for distributing updates

Any suggestions on how to set this up? I'm not sure whether to use Teams itself, or Outlook, Sharepoint... help!

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@playtothewhistle Hi, if you add them in Office 365 as contacts everybody will be able to see them. You don't need full Office 365 admin access but you would need user admin to do this.


Teams also read in your personal contacts list in Outlook, but it cannot be shared so you have to manually share the contacts.


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