Shared Channels have failed in our org because MS made the barrier to entry too high

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We have been trying to implement shared channels with vendors as the primary method of project management and external collaboration in our org but it seems none of our external vendors can get the settings  set right, or downright refuse. Thanks for nothing here Microsoft. I don't know why something that should just be easy always has to have so many hoops to jump through... Were in the process of converting everything back to regular channels and inviting guest users...SIGH

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@Robert Woods Interested to hear Rob, is this mainly in relation to the B2B cross-tenant configuration settings that are required? It's certainly heavy touch in contrast to traditional guest access - always interested in those that have tried-tested-and-failed experience.

Yes Sir.

I have filed tickets with multiple vendors IT departments and even asked end users to follow up and push open tickets with their IT departments asking them to turn on this feature so they can join our teams and their IT departments do not understand what is going on and why they would have to do this. After explaining the intricacies of it being a new feature with guest sharing access having to be enabled on a per tenant basis they either flat out refuse to do it or can't follow the documentation Microsoft provides on the setting.