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Shared Channels are perhaps the biggest change to Teams chat and channels since the product launched 5 years ago. I'm creating a video series to break down it's features, here's the first episode that includes a full hand on demo from the new Public Preview release.


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Good job Steven, looking forward to the next part.

Hi @Steven Collier, excellent video, thanks much for putting it together. I have a question about when you Invite a whole Team from another organisation: as the Hosting organisation can I see who (which individuals) are in that Team at any point in time? 

@MichaelKroon yes, if you access the channel members list you can click on the count of member in each member Team, then you get a view that will show you the current member from the remote Team.

Thanks @Steven Collier

@Steven Collier - Great insight Steven and really appreciated. Have been waiting for this now for a while as it was very disjointed having the teams internally and externally in a separate team setup only to restrict other channel access. So my question here is - is this currently live to everybody now? as I have just tried to create a channel with this setup and within the Privacy setting, it does not give me me the option of Shared (still just standard and private). Maybe I am missing something or need to active a setting within the teams admin portal. It would be great to get some direction on this. Cheers


@DesignPro It's still a public preview feature, you would need to enable your accounts for public preview then the option should exist to create a shared channel.


Public preview in Microsoft Teams - Microsoft Teams | Microsoft Docs