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Good day Techcommunity, 


It does seem like Search features on Shared Channels isn't working and that the SharePoint sites created aren't being indexed. 


  • We have noticed that you cannot find files through Teams files -> Search or using the SharePoint Site to Search
  • Custom columns created on the SharePoint site also not being crawled & index and thus cannot be used as managed properties in refinablestrings.

I have compared the features / site collection features / Search settings to a SharePoint Team site (standard or SP site that comes with a Team) where this is working and cannot find any differences between them.


I have tested this on 5 tenants now with the same result.

Quite disappointing that something gets released into product with one of its core features not working properly.... 

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Hi @Renier-365Fanatic 


Would recommend


1.) Opening a bug on the feedback site here: Microsoft Teams · Community

2.) Raising a ticket to Microsoft referencing the bug


If you leave the ticket number here I will raise that to MS Teams Engineering via the access I have


Hope that answers your question


Best, Chris

@Christopher Hoard Thanks for your reply and offering to help escalate this issue with the correct team at Microsoft.

Two Microsoft tickets were created as follows:

  • Ticket nummer : 31626366 - Ticket was closed by SharePoint Support Team (they said its a Teams related issue and  should create a new ticket for Teams support team)
    • Was open for more than a month having calls almost daily with remote sessions and log collections.
  • Ticket nummer : 32078897 - Newly created ticket for Microsoft Teams Technical support team.

I have also created an item as suggested by you on the feedback hub:







Best of luck on getting a fix and hopefully they'll help to get this resolved. Thanks for bringing it to our attention and making Teams better. 


Best, Chris


Thanks a million Christopher! You are my hero!

@Renier-365Fanatic/@Christopher Hoard


I'm having the same issue.  We have 60+ shared channels and search is broken on all of them.  We migrated from Google Workspaces and none of our files are searchable.  We opened a ticket 7+ weeks ago (31613565) and have only gotten the runaround. 


Here is what I have found:


  • "Allow items from this document library to appear in search results?" is set to Yes for the document library.
  • "Allow this site to appear in search results?" in the site settings is set to Yes.
  • Reindexing the site and document library do trigger a reindex.  Using Get-PnPSearchCrawlLog I can see every file and folder is crawled.
  • No search results are returned, regardless of the user.  Owners, members, service accounts, etc - the search results are always empty.
  • Both the SharePoint API and MS Graph API return empty result sets for the sites.  The search terms do not matter.  If we search for a filename that exists and has been crawled, the result set is empty.  If we simply search for an asterisk, which should return everything the in the search index, the result set is empty.

This is clearly an issue on the MS side.  Any suggestions?




Good day @Christopher Hoard ,

Do you perhaps know if this was taken up with the correct Teams at Microsoft internally where you posted this? Any feedback from them? 

Great news! Search on Teams Shared Channels / underlying SharePoint sites now seems to be working since earlier the week! After 6x Microsoft Support Calls on different tenants finally someone fixed it for us!
Possible solution
I added myself and the SharePoint Administrator account as Site Collection Admins to the SharePoint site using pnp.PowerShell (can't do this in the UI of a shared channel site collection), kicked of a site reindex and search started working.

To add the SharePoint Administrator, you need to go to a normal SharePoint site where you can see that account in the existing site collection admin and find the claim id (it doesn't have an email address)
PS > Add-PnPSiteCollectionAdmin -Connection $con -Owners email address removed for privacy reasons
PS > Add-PnPSiteCollectionAdmin -Connection $con -Owners "c:0t.c|tenant|[GUID looking service principal of the admin account]"
PS > Get-PnPSiteCollectionAdmin -Connection $con #confirm accounts are added