Shared calling policy enabled user can not login to teams sip gateway enabled phones like VVX400/500

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We have enabled shared calling policy with Rogers Operator connect and assigned to users, which works great but while logging in to sip gateway enabled device like Polycom vvx400s/500s it throws error that please assign a phone number to the user to login to this device.


So, i run the Get-csonlineuser command for one of the user enabled with shared calling and line uri was empty even after assigning shared calling policy and incoming outgoing calls were working. Even on teams admin center user profile shows that there is an assigned phone number but because lineuri for that user is empty it did not allow a user to login to sip devices.


Any work around or solutions to this? Because i opened a ticket with Microsoft engineering teams and product team but even they don't know the reason and solution. Any help is really appriciated. Thank you.

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The VVX has the correct sip firmware at least 5.9.5 or better and SIP Gateway is activate through the calling policy?

@Holger Bunkradt Yes phones are on latest stable firmware higher then, sip device option is turned on from calling policy. 

If i assign number directly to user, i can login but if i just use shared calling policy i can not log in to the phone. But on both cases it works from Teams app.

OK, I never test shared calling with sip devices. I will test tomorrow with my Spectralink DECT devices, which is supported for sip-gateway.
For the Microsoft Validation of this feature, we tested only Teams clients and native Teams phones


I have the same expeirience with my spectralink DECT. I get also the message that mý user has no phonenumber. I think it is not supported at the moment.



looks like Microsoft has on roadmap to remove the requirement of extension for sip-gateway registration. No timeline at the moment
Can you please share link to this roadmap item here? Thank you.
sorry, this roadmap is not published public. I will publish here, if available