Shared Calendar in Teams not working since "new" Teams

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I made a shared calendar that appear in one of our channels.  It used to appear like this:




Since the "new" teams, the calendar tab actually disappeared.  But when I re-added it via the Sharepoint button:




It came back in like this:



Interestingly, if I click that link "can view and edit here", it brings up another page:


If I click OK on this page, without changing anything, it will bring up the calendar back like it used to be (how I want).

Also, if I open the Sharepoint page thru a browser for this calendar, it displays correctly.


Any help is appreciated!

Thank you.





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@MsUser45 Yeah, that's interesting. My guess is that the older style calendar view isn't working with SharePoint app in Teams properly. You're seeing a view of the 'list' that the Calendar is loading data from.


If you try adding your calendar as a 'Website' tab instead, you may get the view you want

There is no "website" app in the new teams... at least not that I'm seeing. Has this been discontinued? How are we to get a shared calendar working?