Shared Calendar : edit in Outlook


Hello, using this method, I added a shared calendar to my Team, which is based on my Outlook Group.

The problem is: I cannot add events to this calendar using the Outlook Windows Desktop app... any clue?

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Is it the group calendar that belongs to that team? Are you a member of that team/group?


Yes, I am the owner of that group. I created a Team from my Outlook Group. This group had a Calendar. Then I used the Channel Calendar to create the Team channel's calendar.
When I added an appointment in this calendar, it also appeared in the Outlook Desktop app, in the Outlook Group's calendar. This is very nice.
But the other way didn't work: in the Outlook Desktop app, in the Outlook Group's calendar, I added an appointment, and this one didn't appear in the Team channel's calendar.

Okay, its because the Channel calendar filters on activities on that specific channel! (Channel Meetings) You can’t select a channel when you create a meeting for example from Outlook today so it doesn’t show it in the channel calendar tab! If you do this from Teams and select that channel, it will show!
Previously I’ve added the group calendar webpart to the groups SharePoint site and added that as a tab in a channel


Thanks @adam deltinger for your reply. So is there a way to fix this problem?

No, unless you create it from Teams and Choose the channel or create it from the channel calendar tab directly! You ca. Also show the entire group calendar as a tab by adding a SharePoint tab with the calendar webpart on it! As I described earlier

Thanks. So I created a Sharepoint page for my Office 365 group , following these instructions :
Then in Teams , in my "events channel", I added a new tab : this SharePoint page.
Then I could see the calendar events, but I could not add a new event.
There should be an option to add events from there as far as I know!
Thanks for your help. I think Microsoft should do a video tutorial about this, cause I'm a bit lost here.