Share window in teams live event: cannot scroll down - not all windows are visible

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In a teams meeting or in this case, a teams live event, when I want to share a window, not all windows are visible. In this case there are 4 windows, but only 2 are visible. The scroll bar does not fonction properly so I'm not able to scroll down to see the other windows. This is zoomed 100% (second image). When I change to 85% (first image) the 4 windows I can share are more or less visible. 

I'm having a live event this week where there are a lot of presenters and windows I should share, so this may not be the solution in that case. Any suggestions? 

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Hi @Tom1987 


I always share a Desktop, then I can drag whichever content I need onto that. 


Also, I'm not quite sure from your description, but if you have multiple presenters you still can only have one device sharing a desktop or window at one time, which is awkward with separate decks. I tend to assist that all slides are consolidated into one deck.

Thanks for your answer! Yes, normally I will share my desktop on a second screen. But sometimes it can be useful to share specific windows.

My problem is that when I want to share a window (if there are many windows open) Teams does show all windows that I can share, but I cannot scroll down in that list to pick the right one. So I can see for example 2 windows but there are more windows avaliable but I cannot scroll or move down in the share section. When I zoom out to 85% I can see 4 windows instead of 2, so that proves there are more windows available to share.

My fear is that if I also have a lot of presenters, I will only see a few on my screen and I cannot pick the presenters that are not in the 'first line' of the screen.

I don't know if I have to change the resolution of my laptop or something in Teams or... It just makes me nervous to have a lot of windows (but I can share my desktop) or presenters and not knowing if I will be able to select them in the menu because I can't scroll down in the selection area...

@Tom1987 There's a limit of selecting from the 10 presenters/producers who spoke last, but it does become difficult to select people on the second row. I just use the zoom option in Teams to make some more space to select them.

But for instance, when you see my screenshots (and talking about window sharing in this case), if Teams is 100% I only see 2 windows available to share. There is a scroll bar but that doesn't work so I can't go down to pick a third or fourth window. When I zoom to 85% I can see the third and fourth window without scrolling.

My fear is that I cannot scroll down or zoom out sufficiently to pick a presenter (or window, but as you said I can share my desktop) to speak. So it's more like my mouse or keyboard does not let me scroll down to select the right presenter or window.

@Steven Collier I think I may have found the answer. On my laptop, the standard (and advised) setting is 125%. But this influences the Teams experience so that I cannot properly use the 'share window' selection area to scroll down. So I don't have to change the zoom in Microsoft Teams, but set my laptop screen in general to 100%. If i do that, i works fine. :)