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I am having issues of sharing my channel messages to outlook today. I am getting error message of "There was a problem reaching this app“


Can anyone pls help?



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We're getting that too - we've checked mailboxes for OWA tried on different devices, browsers, always the same.
Hello, it seems to be many issues with the new feature "Share to Teams". I've read many posts about them. If you've done all the standard troubleshooting (sign out, restart etc.) and it's still a problem I recommend opening a support ticket with Microsoft.

For reference only

@Jin Chen my colleagues have tested this in Chrome and say it works, I haven't personally seen it but I did receive a shared conversation. We also noted that the process creates a draft email in the user's outbox, so it's getting part way through the process but not presenting the web page to the user where they address it. 


SO far only Chrome works, chromium edge, firefox and opera fail. Wondering if colleagues have specific settings so off to check ad blockers etc.

I am having the same issue with "Share to Outlook" from a channel conversation in Teams.
Chrome no longer working in my testing. We've raised a ticket with Microsoft this morning as it's not going away. In our case we noticed the plugin waiting for and never getting a response.

Having the same issue in our Org. Was working perfectly now receiving a There was a problem reaching this app. Retry error. Past couple days

Yep, same here in our tenant. Same error. Spins for a while, then fails. After about 2 minutes, the email appears in Outlook as a draft.

@Jin Chen 

Same with our users as well. I wonder if this is a known issue

I had the same issue, but from now it is working (without doing anything)