Share to Outlook cannot email yourself

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This was posted in User Voice and is an issue: "When selecting Share to Outlook in a Teams chat, I cannot find myself in the address book search, have to type in my email address." Is anybody else having this experience? How are you solving for it? 

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Hi @llb_adowning

One way of doing it is create a distribution list, add yourself as a member: DL will appear in the search when sharing to outlook. This will work - but may not be to every org's taste as it would be adding more GAL objects. However, it could be a quick and easy workaround until it is fixed.

Hope that helps

Best, Chris

@Christopher Hoard - Thanks for the brainstorm, but clearly not a corporate solution. Just as in any other function that calls the GAL, an individual within the corporate directory should be able to select themselves as well as others.