Share Teams Access without the need to approve them (internal)

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Hi Community, 
I want to do something that my support team is telling me its not feasible. But I did have this functionality in a previous organization so I am confused.
I want to share the link to access Teams space in my organization (not sharing it with people from outside my org), and I would like people to be able to join the Teams if they like to without me having to approve them.
I dont know if there is a specific setting that would allow our organization to create team spaces allowing anyone with the link and an account to join without having to approach them one by one.

Thanks a lot for sharing your thoughts


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Hi @fscheps - you can create the team as a public one (or change it after the fact) so that it shows up when users click the join or create a team in the lower left hand corner.


Alternatively, you can create an org-wide team that automatically adds everyone. If you don't see it, maybe your org is over 10k users. You can use the same link above to change a team to an org-wide team after the fact.

Hi @Kelly_Edinger Thank you for your comments.

I understand that but I have some doubts about either suggestion.


When creating a "Public Teams" I dont want to allow anyone outside my organization to request access to the Teams, is there any way to restrict for example anyone at to be able to request access only?

If we choose to have an Org-Wide teams, this is not really relevant, as the Teams is useful for a large population but not for the whole company.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts


From your team, you can click the 3 dots, then select 'Manage Team' > Settings > Team Code > Generate. This will give you a QR code that you can share. Anyone who scans it will automatically be added.
Hi Kelly,
I am not looking to share a QR code with anyone....just to kind of whitelist anyone in my organization to join my Teams without me having to approve them and without having to add all members of my organization.
Hi fscheps,

Did you ever get a solution to the issue?