Share Team Files from Mobile App?

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I'm sure this is super easy and I'm just missing it but I can't figure it out. I am working on my phone and and someone asks a question. I say "answer answer answer, you can get more information from this document in the Files Tab" and then try to share the indicated document but can't. I click the share button but it wants to upload a file from my phone and I can't at all see a way to tell it to use the document in OneDrive for the Team.


What am I missing?





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Hi Kevin,

so both of you are in the same Team and you want to provide a direct link to the document?
The way I do this on my iPhone go to the files tab, click on the three ellipses next to the file you want to share and then choose share and then the copy. Then you can send this link to your colleague.
Should work the same way on the other clients.

Hope this helps.

Just tested this and what it does in my case when clicking on "Share" is to download the file to my phone and then I can share using any other App installed in my device (Whatsapp, Outlook, etc)
I get the same as Juan. I don’t get links generated but the file attached to the app you share it with. I tried copy but this doesn’t generate a link either. This is on IPhone 8.

Best, Chris
Yeah! No links..selecting share and then teams will make a copy to a user or channel also

Thanks for testing. Was expecting it works the same way like on the windows client. True, the file can just be handled as a attachment.
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I’ll bring this up on the next AMA!!

So when working with files on mobile I always try to tell people use onedrive. Since Teams is back by SharePoiny and it’ll show up in your sites list in onedrive you can quickly access and share you’re files from teams there.

The experience definitely needs updated in the mobile app and hopefully they do similar to Sharepoint app where they back files into it. Anyway. Onedrive is how I do it now as a work around.

Thanks for all the feedback. I like the idea of asking in the AMA. I'm really pushing Teams as the way to collaborate, giving the mobile client as one benefit. I'm also spending a lot of energy around the idea that the Teams integration with OneDrive means we'll always have "One Version of the Truth" and this breaks that by asking folks to send copies around. That feels like a visit back to the bad old days of email.  On the OneDrive client on my phone I can see my files but not Teams files so I don't think that is the work around, either.


I've created a UserVoice for this one. Please vote! :)

Hi! Great!
In onedrive if you click the sites tab, you will see the sites (teams)which you are member of! Default view is following and most used but you can search for sites as well! From here you can access the files


I swear I looked right at that last night and it wasn't there. So having seen it I'll propose the following workaround for the team when they want to include a document in a Teams message on their mobile devices:

* Open OneDrive and navigate through the Sites tab to the Team, channel and then finally the document you want to share.
* Press the three vertical dots to the right of the document and choose Share
* Adjust the permissions level properly (probably to "People in xxx with the link can edit" and then Copy Link.

* Return to Teams and enter your message, copying the link into the message at the appropriate place, keeping in mind it will be an undecorated link meaning you can't replace the URL with text.

* Press send and your done.


We've taken what should have been an easy operation and made it much more difficult and left an ugly URL in our message instead blue words, but there is way to get it done.

Again, thanks for your help and go vote on the UserVoice! :)

You can create a hyperlink in teams! Just press the text formatting button and then the hyperlink! Name it and insert the link! This way you can name it whatever

The hyperlink thing must be Apple only. I press text formatting and I get Bang, Bold, Italics, Underline, Highlight and color options. The three dots hide three more things that aren't "add a link." 'Tis all good -- I'm sure we'll have a fix coming.

Actually, it’s a desktop and web version feature only :) sorry

What we need is the browse files and channel button like we have in desktop client.

Has there been any update here? I would like to share directly from my iPhone photos to a channel and it doesn't seem to show up in Files tab, whereas when uploading from desktop the photos show up in files. Any solution to this problem?


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More than a year later from the original question, and I still don't see link sharing as an option from the Teams mobile app (Android 10).


Surely I don't have to instruct my non-tech-savvy coworkers that they have to remember to use the OneDrive app to link share files that are uploaded in Teams. 

As we all pivot to working remotely I am delivering training to new people and am forced to say "This isn't the same experience on mobile, you'll need to download the document you want to share and then attach it to the message" as that seems to be the easiest way to explain it to rookies. It's a bummer, but what'cha gonna do?