Share files to teams members individually

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Hi Every one


I have 64 faculty members in my MS Teams,  i want to distribute some report to them individually;  just like notebook individual pages, is there any way i can create individual folder and share files in MS Teams itself,  but the file what i have shared to one member should not be visible to other person


Please help how to do; 


I tried creating 64 folders individually in my one drive and created share rights and shared files, but i am trying some thing to be done from MS Teams itself,  some thing similar the pages created in note book same ways is there a possibly once member added i should be able to create folders for them each so that i can share files to them individually

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You would have to create a new document library for your files and then create folders for each person and remove inheriting permissions and the default permissions from each folder and adding the user to their folder. Then you can create a tab or what not to that document library and then each user will only see their own folders.

The downside to this any owners of the team will see all folders and files since they are made as site collection admins.

Thank you very much ;  i will try this method.@Chris Webb 

very good Mr Chris   good idea.  i have tried and it works;  but it is really time consuming work;   as i mentioned 64+ faculty stopping the inheritance access rights and providing individual rights it is really taking time.  @Chris Webb 


Thanks for the Idea