Share Button on Teams Room missing

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In our meeting room we use a collaboration bar (VC 210) from Yealink.


When I log in with the meeting room account, the share button is not displayed.


We have now received a test-login from Yealink with which we can see the share button.

Therefore the Yealink-Support-Team assume that there is a policy in our tenant that blocks this function.


What could be the reason for this?


Our Meeting Room:

(On Exchange Online)


Share Button is missing


Yealink-Meeting Room


Share-Button is available



Teams-Version: 1449/


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Hi @Stefan_Burri  Is this issue still happening?  You may want to open a support case with the Microsoft tech support number you were given.  Or reach out to, where authorized agents are available to troubleshoot issues until they are resolved.

Hey Stefan, were you able to resolve this issue? We are seeing this on our Logitech systems as well. The share button is missing