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Hi all, 

Is there a way to share one file in the files tab and have a shortcut to another Team as a file in the files tab? 

I know you can create a tab to create a shortcut to a file from another team, but we don't want to have many tabs in one team to share files. 


Thank you all!

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You can use the "Add Cloud Storage" option and choose SharePoint from it assuming admin enabled that option. Then you can link to another Document library there, but you can't just link to another file directly. You can create a "Shortcut" file in SharePoint but the problem is Teams treats it as a file and tries to download it instead of linking to where you put the shortcut. I think this will be fixed once they release the SharePoint file tab update.

If I want to share a file across multiple Microsoft Teams, what would be the best practice for this? Goal is to have a single version of the file and not upload separately to each team. Do I pick one of those Teams as the "home" for the file, and then use the "Add cloud storage - SharePoint" to access it from the other Teams? Thanks!


@Christine Green

I am trying to accomplish the same thing. Have you had any luck figuring out how to do this?


Create a library with permission to all members from different teams! Add the library as a tab! This way there is only one file and member from different teams have access to it

Thanks for this response, was just having the same issue. :)


When you map a drive to another Team, it seems to map it all the way to the root folder - where as in Sharepoint, you can only grant additional access rights to a higher level folder. I assume there is no way of granting access to a different teams group through the sharepoint "grant access rights" feature so that this other team could access the same files?


When adding a channel tab to a SharePoint document library, you can use the "Web site" tab option (instead of the Document Library option). This will allow you to paste in a link to a specific folder within the document library.


For example - set of guidance docs/policies stored in a central SharePoint document library are made available within all teams via a channel tab linking to the relevant folder in the library.


Folder permissions in SharePoint document libraries will be respected in Teams.




True, that would be another way of doing it. Thanks!


One more question. I tried today creating a Sharepoint site from our Sharepoint online tool without any linkage to teams. But I could only find an option to create the integrated SPOL + teams option. Is there a way to create a SPOL site without creating a teams site in SPOL online? Where can I find that? (I know this is now more SPOL than Teams question, but all these seem to be quite tightly integrated)

I would like to end up having several "sub-teams" that each have two file storages: one that is common with all teams (and would have more restricted access rights when it comes to editing), and another one that is team specific. And I would not like to create one additional team which would include all the people from the sub-teams.

So far it sounds like I have the options of either creating this additional team with everyone as members, or then have one additional "common storage admin team" which would have only a few members (the ones responsible for the editing of the storage), and then grant access rights from SPOL (does this work only per named users, or per AD groups?) and add this common storage as a link to the tab.


You can create a "non group-enabled SharePoint Team site" via the new SharePoint Admin centre (preview). see screen shots.


Within this SharePoint site you can manage a set of documents and assign rights to these using Office 365 groups (e.g. the Teams you have created), existing security groups etc. (standard SharePoint Online security settings).


This approach will allow you to have multiple Teams (within Microsoft Teams), each of which have their own files, in addition to having common access to a set of "shared files" that are managed in a separate SharePoint Online site. For example:

  • Common files - SharePoint Team Site (document library)
  • Team A - Microsoft Team (Team A files + Common Files via Channel Tab)
  • Team B - Microsoft Team (Team B files + Common Files via Channel Tab)
  • Team C - Microsoft Team (Team C files + Common Files via Channel Tab)



Perfect, thank you very much!


@Rosanne Snieders 


I recommend opening the file in sharepoint. Click the "share" button to get the link. It should be set to "anyone in organization can edit". 


Go to the Team you want the file and click + to add a new tab and click website. Paste link and name it. 


You can add this tab to multiple Teams and all work will sync across. 


@James Mallalieu 


I tried this solution. The problem is that I at the same time lost the possibility for simultaneous editing of the document shared between teams (in this case an excel document) which is critical to us. As soon as a member from one team open the excel document, it is locked and opens as a read only for other users. 


Is there a way to share an excel document between three teams _with_ simultaneous editing? 


@adam deltinger Hi Adam - do you maintain simultaneous editing with the shared doc library?

Yes you will! As long as everyone has correct permissions it’s the same as any other

I have a similar, but slightly different request. I want to create a live connection between a document in one Team (Team A) and a copy of that same document in another Team (Team B) to which the members of the Team A cannot have access.


To complicate the matter, I would like to have the connection update only one way so that changes to the document in Team A will be updated automatically in its copy found in Team B, but changes to the copy in Team B will not be updated to the original in Team A.


I realize this might be confusing or impossible, but unfortunately it has to be this way for my situation. Otherwise I suppose I will have to make periodic updates to the copy of the file in Team B.


@edjensen I just did this now and it has worked, thank you from 2020!


I have a slightly different twist on this need for my class of 175 students. I have a large Main Session Channel in my Team and 36 additional student channels where small groups meet to work in real time through a timed test. I have a restricted view permission on the student members of the Team (no download, no edit, no synch, etc). I would like to release their .pdf test by posting a link or file only once and having it populate all channels simultaneously, rather than me pasting into 36 channels. Is there an effective and simple way I can post a link or even the .pdf into a pre-made tab in all the channels (and immediately remove the file at the test conclusion...) The .pdf is housed in Sharepoint. Chat gets cluttered so I'd like to keep it out of there, while limiting the students navigating back and forth. 



I tried this, but the link from sharepoint or sharing in teams does not work.  I don't want the file editable by all, just viewable, maybe this is causing the issue?

Cannot add as a website link, it will create the tab, but doesn't actually take me to the file :(