Settings option is missing when managing apps for Teams

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As a Global Admin for our Tenant, I am trying to follow instructions for creating custom badges in the Praise app.  All versions of these instructions that I find tell me to go to the Microsoft Teams Admin Center, then Teams Apps, then Manage Apps, find and select the Praise app, then go to Settings.  However, the "Settings" option doesn't exist.  Instead, I have "Permissions" which doesn't do anything.  How do I get "Settings" to appear?




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@TedTalks This hasn't rolled out to my tenant either and it has been driving me crazy too - no updates either other than rolling out this month:

You mean I have to have patience? That's going to be a problem... :)

Thanks for the tip. I didn't realize this was a new feature. There were instructions dating back to September 8th at least. It seems odd to publish instructions for something that can't even be done. I wasted at least an hour chasing my tail for nothing. In hindsight, applying logic to Microsoft's actions may have been my first mistake.

@TedTalks LOL!!  I am glad to hear I am not alone- I was so excited for this feature I was checking daily in September as well.

@TedTalks How is this possible if some other apps show the Settings option but the custom App I created is not showing the Settings