Settings missing in Teams

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Clicking profile picture no longer shows the settings option. 

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Hi! This is Moved to the left of the profile picture. Click the ellipsis: ”...”


Thanks - missed that but I should've known you have to poke around to find things in poorly designed apps. Another pointless change from Msft! And if there's a critical visual change like this it needs to be communicated properly and more effectively. In this case, a small alert somewhere in Teams would've been helpful. Not hard to do and would reduce the endless calls from users I get about things like this. 

And now it's back under the profile picture - product seems to change at random. Terrible user experience and how is anyone supposed to administer this for users?

@adam deltinger  The ellipses menu has now disappeared and Settings has reverted back to my profile picture menu .. was this change back to how it was before intended by Microsoft?


Who knows? Msft has always had serious change management issues. Thankfully I stopped alerting my users to changes otherwise I'd look like an idiot.