Setting Up Multiple Teams meetings to start at the same time

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I need to host 4 separate meetings at the same time. Using the Microsoft forms link. I will not be attending any of these meetings. Is this possible? Is there a specific process to setting this up? Or is the Microsoft teams link unique to each meeting request ? So there will be four unique links? 







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All the Four meeting will have unique meeting links. Only need to ensure that we have someone internal to the organization joining the meeting to ensure that the meeting is started and if there is any Lobby feature enabled external people can be admitted from the Lobby.

Other way round is disable the lobby feature for the meeting and all the users will be able to join the meeting without any issues.

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Is there a limit on the number of concurrent meeting links you can create? @RealTime_M365 


No as such but recommended not to have many. The max active meeting for a user in the Outlook for Microsoft Teams is around 1000.

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Which Microsoft plan do we require for having multiple meetings at the same time? Kindly do share info.

We are currently in the midst of developing a website designed to simplify the process of scheduling video conference meetings for our users. A link will automatically be sent to them via email to allow access to their scheduled meeting, and there will be nobody from inside the organization joining the meeting to ensure it starts properly. Additionally, I would like to inquire whether it is possible to record these meetings with subtitles. Furthermore, I am interested in the ability to organize multiple meetings simultaneously, that is, at the same time and on the same day, with each meeting led by a different facilitator.