Setting Up a "Contact Us" page on Teams

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I am trying to develop new procedures for submitting receipts for my organization. Currently members use a Microsoft form to submit receipts, but we have been running into issues with items not submitting or photos not uploading properly. I want to set up a "contact us" page where people can submit their receipts. 


My idea is that users will fill out the various blanks (such as date of purchase, where from, total price, etc.) and they will attach an image of the receipt as well. When they hit submit, it would send their info to an email address we have set up for receipt submittals.


Is this kind of feature available on Teams? Is there perhaps an app that will allow this?

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hello @jpmahaff  The Microsoft Forms team is working on this feature and it is covered in this Uservoice item: add upload attachment for uploading a document, image, etc... – Customer Feedback for Microsoft Form...


Note that they are looking for feedback, so you might want to do that...


Finally, you may notice that the Forms PM listed in the UV items is the same person who wrote this blog a few years ago - you can message him within the blog as well: Microsoft Forms works great with Microsoft Teams - Microsoft Tech Community