Set up a Microsoft Teams auto attendant

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I want to make an Auto atendet in Microsoft Teams, but I can not use a number of my company that belongs to the range of DID, only lets me use a number of microsoft, how can I solve it?

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Do you currently use telephony in Teams? or is your DID range in another service provider?

@Andres Gorzelany  If I am using telephony in Teams and yes my DID range it is another service provider

@Andres Gorzelany Hello Andres. I have already transferred my numbers to Teams, but the auto attendet is still not working, I already have my number in the cloud of teams. I put the number to my resource account to use the auto attendet and when I call the number the call is made and the operator's message is heard, but when I dial the extension to the user with whom I want to communicate the call does not take place.

I understand better now, so you are trying to use Dial By Extension

Did you check this?

@Andres Gorzelany Yes, I have it configured, but it is not working anyway.

Can you show how is configured?

@Andres Gorzelany  Here I show you how I have my resource account with the assigned number and the dial by extension option in my auto attendet.

Can you show an example of how are you specifying the phoneNumber and extensions for the users?

@Andres Gorzelany Do you mean this?

From the screenshots I see you use Direct Routing, so an SBC is on the path, did you check SBC logs to understand if the extension is being sent while dialed?
I haven't checked, how would that be?
SBC software comes with tracing and logging, you would have to start a log trace and force the scenario and check the logs to see if the dialed extension is going through.
Where can I find this option? Do you have a link to explain how to do it?
Find out the SBC brand and model, if it is not under your administration, probably the administrator knows how to start a trace
Ok thanks. Another question, when I call my auto attendet number and it asks me to dial the user's extension, after dialing the extension I have to dial the # key for the call to be completed, is there any way to remove this option? I mean, I don't need to dial the # key but just dial the user's extension and the call is transferred.
Hi, another question, do you know how I can set a PIN code to my voicemall?