Set a disclaimer when sharing screen in Teams (due to sharing confidential info, for example)

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I find no option to do something in Teams when sharing my screen and I was wondering if you know an option or an alternative:


  • We would like to add a disclaimer in certain meetings where confidential/sensitive or intelectual property is shared as a content in a meeting.
  • We would like a disclaimer to appear all the time in the screen when sharing, to protect the information in case someone takes pictures of screencaps of the presentation.

Do you know some way to do so? I find no info about it... The only default disclaimer is for meeting invites or the default recording one that appears for some seconds when a meeting is being recorded.


I mean something like what I show in the screencap (but properly done, obvisouly)

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Hello, currently not possible but this is a requested feature and I believe it will happen going forward. The only "workaround" as of today would be to use conditional access with Terms of Use or perhaps sensitivity labels for containers (groups, sites, teams) and an authentication context which points to a ToU. But not really applicable for your specific use case as you're talking about when sharing content in a meeting. I would recommend following the M365 roadmap and Message center for any updates when it comes to meetings and privacy/security.