Session recording Error ( Recording could not be started please try again )

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Recording issue.jpgI`m working for a school and we are using Microsoft Teams( A3 paid version ) for educational purposes but suddenly since the last week some of our teachers are facing the above error ( Recording isn`t on , Recording could not start . Please try again ) when they try to record their sessions, all policies are still the same and we didn`t change anything so it`s not users issue especially that the same user may be able to record his next session normally. so what I mean is that the issue is happening randomly during only some of the sessions, so anyone has a solution for this issue?

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@Sayed2606 Hello, as nothing has changed in your environment (policies, settings etc.) this is most likely happening due to issues in the backend. I highly recommend that you open up a support ticket with Microsoft support to get an official response and maintenance if needed.

Hey @Sayed2606, Actually I Also Facing this Issue. I think it was from Microsoft Side. But I Have a Small Alternative. 
I Use Microsoft Team (Windows). When Today I Faced The Same Issue. So Tried Check Policy What you Did. Then I Opened Teams in Web and Started the Recording it was Working. When i come to Windows This Error Pop up. 
So Please Try This Method

  1. Login into your Microsoft Team (Web Version)
  2. Go to the Meeting 
  3. Start the Meeting

This Method Works For Me. I Hope it will Work for you as well :)