Sentry project name not reflecting

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Hi all,


I've done Sentry + Microsoft Teams successfully .. and a custom alert sent properly . and I'm happy with that :) .


The question is : After changing a Sentry's project NAME to a new name .. it doesn't reflect on Teams when send alerts .. it keeps using the OLD project name. what's the problem here.


Could you please help in this matter.


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Hm, I would assume that you need to talk to Sentry about this..seems the fault is in their connector


Hi Adam ,

I've opened a ticket to Sentry support team regarding this connector and they said : "I wanted to also let you know since this integration was not created by Sentry, we don't offer support for it. So, if you run into any issues with it, I would recommend reaching out to Microsofts team about it.".

what do you think ?


Haha okay!

Open a case with Microsoft and see what they say about it :)

thanks for helping.

I don't know what is the problem , Microsoft support team said that they doesn't provide support . and Sentry support team said the plugin is written by Microsoft teams team . What's the problem here.


I'll ask google then.



Please check with Sentry support, this is a bug from their side, it doesn't related with Microsoft team nor the plugin.
When you update your project name in Sentry portal, an API will be fired to update your changes.
API: https://XXX/api/0/projects/X/Y/
If you check the network request in your devtools, you will found that Sentry only update the slug field, they didn't update the name field as well. Although the UI tell you that they will.