sending and receiving issue with Microsoft Teams application

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Hi, we are using Microsoft teams application since March 2020 in 15 more systems with respective emails we were facing some of the issues like an offline and available related issue but those are all resolving by the time But currently facing this type of problem (may see in the description), Problem description: we are not able to send a message and not receiving from any contact list while sending it will retrieve back with; failed to send " it is happening for all with our organization, RECENTLY application got updated, kindly help. My teams' name: Santosh Pujar Thank you in advance Santosh P


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@sAntosh3436 There are few nuances to this and have you tried to further narrow it down? For instance
Does message sending fails from all clients i.e desktop, web and mobile?
Are these messages are sent to other teams or sfb users? are these internal or federated users where message sending fails?
You can also begin investigation by looking into client logs by pressing ctrl+alt+shift+1 after a repro or capturing a fiddler trace as well?

In addition, have you tried to change networks and test if message sending/receiving works? Be sure to whitelist Teams urls & Ips if there are proxy,firewalls on the network.