Send reminder and link for already scheduled Teams videoconference?

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I have a recurring MS Teams videoconference for the first Wednesday of each month. There are about 40 potential attendees, most of whom are optional and rarely attend. Four invitees have paid MS360 accounts and are team members. The other 36 are listed as optional guest. How can I manually or automatically send everyone invited a reminder about the meeting and a link to join a couple of days prior to the meeting? Ideally I would like to send out reminders a week prior, a couple of days prior, and a couple of hours prior to the meeting. My situation relates to inviting members of a homeowners association to attend monthly board meetings.

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Hi, reminders are controlled by each participant.  They can open the appointment in Outlook and set the reminder as per the following options;


Screenshot 2021-01-12 at 07.44.40.png

The link is also included in the appointment so there is no need for you to send them this specifically.

@PeterRising Hello,

what do you mean "there is no need for you to send them this specifically".

Point is, that there is need for reminders about meeting via e-mail. Especially, when meeting members are not constant MS Teams users. It's a shame, that MS Teams don't have simplest reminder function.

Another option could be to use Power Automate. Check out this blog post on the subject -