Send notification if post in channel has no replies

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we are using a teams channel as something like a Q&A forum. Now we want to make sure that everyone get's a reply after a defined period of time.

My question is:

Can Flow/Power Automate find all post in a specific channel with no replies older than 24h and send a (daily) message to an admin channel?


Thanks for your help!


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Hi, doesn't look like Power Automate will be able to do this at the moment.  Below are the current available Teams triggers and as far as I can see nothing matches your requirement to detect when a channel message has not had a reply.


Screenshot 2020-09-30 at 13.39.29.png


You can suggest a trigger option at Teams UserVoice as per the screen shot.

Too sad @PeterRising . I guess we have to keep track of the unanswered questions manually... :(
is there any update?