Send messages on teams on behalf of the app.

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I am able to send send messages on a team's channel by using

But this api is sending messages on behlaf of user.Is there any way i can send these messages on behlaf of application.I mean instead of user's name my application name will reflect.


Nitin -> Hi this is nitin's app. WRONG

NitinApp -> Hi this is nitin's app RIGHT


Is there any way to achieve it?


My task is to create a company app/bot which can send notifications to our client's teams.Every client has its own microsoft/teams organization account. So if any client wants to get notify from our app first he will have to authenticate our app and set a channel.After that our app will send messages to that channel(Not on behalf of user).


For example- Just like a slack app.We have a slack app which can send daily report notifications to our clients.How can i achieve it in Teams? 


Can i achieve it by creating Teams app or bot? 


Pls help..



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@nitin1005 There are lots of ways to do this


The way that's most similar to Slack would be to use a Webhook connector, right click on a channel to get to connectors and choose incoming webhook, you;ll get a web url that you post messages to and they will appear in that channel as being from the app.


Another alternative is to develop a Bot to send pro-active messages to a channel, while this is harder to develop it's perhaps easier to deploy to multiple tenants. More on Bots -> Send proactive messages - Teams | Microsoft Docs

@Steven Collier Thanks for your help.

I have few more queries for you.


1- What type of accounts do i need for this? 

2- Do i have to take subscription of office365 and azure for whole development(creation to distribution of app ) or can i do this by using basic accounts?





1. No account, when you create the connector it can post to the channel, there isn't an account or authentication. In effect the webhook url includes a unique key used for authentication.

2. Not sure I understand.