Send message in channels on behalf of the application.

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Hi All,


I'm new to MS Teams graph API environment. So, I have an on premise application to which I would like to integrate MS Teams application. I'll be displaying the list of teams and channels, by fetching from teams, the end user will be selecting a channel and save. I'll be forwarding some alerts from my application to the channel selected by the user in a periodic manner.


I checked the Graph APIs but ChannelMessage does not let you SEND a message to a channel without signed in user. So obviously I need to use the OAuth flow | Signed in user flow for fetching the access token to push messages. But the message I send, are received in MS Teams under the name of the signed in user I used to fetch the access token. 


So my question is, Is it possible to send messages in MS Teams on behalf of the application itself. Example: If my application name is 'MyAlerts', will I be able to send messages as this application itself. Using application permission (Get token without signed in user) doesn't support sending messages I suppose.


Please help me out.

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I also need this functionality. Webhook is not able to reply to existing messages, so I need Graph API. But Graph API cannot send a message without delegation?? Seems useless.