Send a guest a meeting join link, without needing them to register

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I want to send just an invite to a meeting for a video call. I tried many things, like adding an external person to Teams, they receive a mail an need to register.

But, what I need ist just sending a link, they click and land directly in the video session.

I'm using Teams on Mac and couldn't find this option. Is this not there or is it somehow hidden?

I already activated guest access in admin



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Easiest thing to do is use Outlook to create a new Teams meeting, then simply copy the URL from there. You don't need to invite anyone or even send the meeting request, just copy the link.


If the user isn't logged in to Teams, they will be presented with the "anonymous join" experience. That's the general info, there are some specifics as well, but it should be enough to get you started.

@Vasil Michev I'm not so sure if that feature is available in Outlook Mac outside the Insider Fast, I see no mention in the release notes. Irrespective you can achieve the same by going to Meetings inside teams and creating a new meeting, invite your guest to the meeting and they will be sent an appointment with the link for the meeting. Or just invite yourself and copy/paste the link yourself.


For your invitee when they click the link they can choose to either join directly in Chrome or to download the teams app to use it like a plug in to join the meeting. They wont need to log in to teams, have an account or the like.



I am not sure what you mean exactly "activated guest access" . please make sure the below setting are enabled under the meeting settings in teams dashboard

Meeting setting .jpglet me know if this helps...




@Thuyavan Ganesan 

Thank you for the help.
It's working perfectly.