Select my Background option not visible in my MS Teams

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I have two laptops from work , don't seem to have "Select my Background option" visible in my MS Teams in one of them. For that particular model of the laptop no one in the company seems to have it.


I still have blur video option though. MS teams is updated on both systems. Both on Same O.S


Few devices in our company have it , majority don't. 


1. If it's done on the tenant level i assume everyone should get it at the same time. As one company should be under one Tennat- is that correct ? 

2. If it's account based then i understand it's probably rolled out to few accounts (i mean user accounts).


Is there a way to check how MS is doing that because users who have real high end devices have it working on their devices. The other devices we have are not at all old though but less fancy configuration

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Thank you! It works for us, though might be risky in a cyber world. :)
Thank you, @RWYoung! Almost two years later, and swapping out the JSON files still worked.