Select my Background option not visible in my MS Teams

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I have two laptops from work , don't seem to have "Select my Background option" visible in my MS Teams in one of them. For that particular model of the laptop no one in the company seems to have it.


I still have blur video option though. MS teams is updated on both systems. Both on Same O.S


Few devices in our company have it , majority don't. 


1. If it's done on the tenant level i assume everyone should get it at the same time. As one company should be under one Tennat- is that correct ? 

2. If it's account based then i understand it's probably rolled out to few accounts (i mean user accounts).


Is there a way to check how MS is doing that because users who have real high end devices have it working on their devices. The other devices we have are not at all old though but less fancy configuration

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Control + Shift + P works to Blur background  works for me.

I also can only join on my work computer and not my home computer.  Two different Office 365 accounts.  Assumed it is NOT available on the home version??  That's what led me to this forum and tech community.  Can someone confirm that assumption?  @DideeFur0531 

@Tony999 Mine says Intel® SSE4.1  No go?


I cannot see Background folder. How can I re-download the new version? Please advise, thanks!


You can create the folder yourself, it works for me.

@Szlachta1  even i have the same problem with the version (64-bit) please help 



I was hopeful there for a moment that you may have the answer.  Didn't work here I'm afraid.


I had backgrounds previously and had found this dir before, using it to add custom backgrounds before that was a documented feature.

And then it just stopped working.
I've had Teams reinstalled.  I have colleagues with the same install who have backgrounds.  I have colleagues with same who don't.  machine spec does not make a difference as we have same machines.

Having had a reinstall I was missing these folders so did as you suggested creating the folder path but still no backgrounds.


It's not a mission critical feature but the fact that we have inconsistency and are scratching our heads as to the answer doesn't help credibility with the user community.  

A recent update (late June 2020) to Teams 'suddenly' allowed backgrounds on my 'ageing' machine

@IanEdwards Are you still experiencing this?. We have been fighting this fight as well... Some users have the default backgrounds working (very few) and most don't have anything but the option to blur. We are on but that apparently does not mean anything for Teams (I don't even know why the bother with a version number if features are not consistent for users even in the same tenant). 

I looked into those folder mentioned in this discussion but I don't even have the "Backgrounds" folder at all. 


I found a doc in the Microsoft web site about enabling through PowerShell... we ran the code and still nothing. We opened a ticket with Microsoft to see if they could help with this discrepancy but the help has been terrible. The backgrounds (default) feature has been out for months and we still do not have it. 


Just wondering if more people are experiencing this.



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Hi Jaco,


Can you please re-write ? Where to find "%APPDATA%\Microsoft\Teams\Backgrounds\Uploads"




    my background effect is not aviable in the 3 dots pls check it


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Hi @Yadwinder1130 


We encountered the very same issue and after some significant hunting, we isolated the issue to 3 JSON files that need replacing.


I have included these files within the zip file attached.


To ensure that this works for you, follow the steps below:


1.  Sign out of Teams (do not just exit the application), and wait until the application asks you to sign in.


2.  Close/Exit Teams by right clicking on the Teams icon in the system tray and selecting Quit.


3. Extract the zip file to a location of your choosing and copy the extracted files.


4. Browse to %APPDATA%\Microsoft\Teams and paste the 3 files you extracted in step 3 into that folder, replacing the originals.


5.  Launch Teams again and sign in.


6.  Enjoy your Backgrounds feature.


Please note that this fix will only work if your laptop/PC has the capable hardware to support this feature.


Hope this helps you!


We also have this issue, but in addition to some having Background and some having only the Blur option, the option seems to change within the individual user.  Sometimes they have it one day, not the next.   I have tried to see if there is any sort of pattern,  wired vs office vs remote VPN.  I can not establish any pattern as of yet.  



Both PC's I am using have Teams


I have an All-In-One PC without AVX2 support (Intel® Core™ i5-3470S Processor  -Instruction Set Extensions Intel® SSE4.1, Intel® SSE4.2, Intel® AVX) That Has the option for "Apply Background Effects".


My other (High End) PC with AVX2 Support (Intel® Core™ i9-9900K Processor - Intel® SSE4.1, Intel® SSE4.2, Intel® AVX2) Does not have the option for "Apply Background Effects".


I have tried reinstalling, updating, copying the JSON files mentioned in this thread, and have dropped images into the "Teams\Backgrounds\uploads" folder - nothing helps. I may open a ticket with Microsoft as we are partners and it shouldn't cost anything, but wanted to try here first. Thanks in advance for any thoughts or ideas.

@RWYoung Thank you so much. I have tried everything, and this is the only thing that worked.

I have also tried everything. JSON files, creating Uploads folder and adding image there. Nothing enables the feature. 

Having this same issue. Teams was working fine. But I had to reset to factory setting for some other issues....Since then nothing. Tried everything. This surface go 2.

@Laurie Pottmeyer - I too cannot access the BACKGROUND EFFECTS and I thought it was because my workstation is still running Windows 7.  (Yes, I know.  There is a reason so please no lectures.)


The only thing is now, with a recent TEAMS release, MS introduced the "TOGETHER MODE".  When I activate "Together Mode", my video image is trimmed correctly and placed into the virtual auditorium seating.


Now if "Together Mode" works with my WIN7 setup, why does the "Background Effects" NOT work???  Both seem to be equally challenging for the system, no?


Just wondering out loud...

@BradatCNC @BHMMBHMM @CG-1717  Sorry to hear that some of you are still having issues.  There is a uservoice item on this bug:


The more votes it gets the more attention it gets from engineering.  Feel free to leave a comment with your specific issue so they get idea of how widespread the issue is.  Thank you.