Select default start app instead of last selected tab

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We're using a digital phone app that only works when it has had focus so every morning we have to click that tab when Teams have started.


Would be nice to be able to choose another App as default start app instead of Teams choosing to load last active app.



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Thank you for the feedback, @hfhinventio   You can vote on a similar feature request below (on our Uservoice feedback forum) or create a new one specific to your post that others can vote on.  Once you vote, you'll received progress updates.

@ThereseSolimeno That issue does not describe the same problem. I have an app in Teams. I'd like for Teams to select that app as the selected app every time Teams starts up after a close. Currently Teams selects that last selected app to be selected at start up.


I propose to have an option to mark a specific app to always be selected when Teams starts up regardless of which app was selected when Teams was closed.