Select a "Caller ID" as "outbound Caller ID" from Call Queue and Auto Attendants

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My PSTN connectivity is using "Direct routing" instead of "Calling Plan". 


and I saw the following document and it stated "Agents can select which outbound caller ID number to use with each outbound call they make".

Also, it mentioned in the following discussion: 

However, when I make same procedure for Auto Attendant, it failed. 
Is it only applied to "Call Queue" ? Not for "Auto Attendant"? 



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Some main points that I can share with my experience regarding this,
you need to consider the following things to enable this feature:
1. Setup the Assign calling ID (under the Call Queue setting)
- Add the Resource Account which assigned the Phone number (that want to display as outbout caller ID)
2. Call answering
- Must use the option "Choose a team" (instead of Users/Groups). You can create a new team (example: CQ team) and add the members (as agents) to the call queue.
3. After finishing the above setup for the call queue, go to the CQ team.
- Under the CQ team -> General, agents should see the "Calls" tab.
- Make the outbound call for the Call Queue from the Dial pad here
- 2 options to make the call using the agent's DID/ Resource account DID number.
Good luck ;).

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Is there an option that the user can decide which caller ID from the resource accounts he wants when calling out? For example, if I have a user as my representative and give him the right to call in my name, he can choose before the call in the dial pad that he wants to call out in my name, my caller ID, is there also the possibility for the numbers assigned to an Auto Attendt or Call queue?






quite late, over a year after your question, but I was having the same issue, and came across your post. I managed to get it to work. my problem was that the call forwarded from the AA was getting had a FROM = original caller ID (person calling the AA). This was giving me hell with the carrier. 


I was able to assign a caller ID policy to the resource account for the AA by using the powershell Grant-CsCallingLineIdentity. 


from this point on I get the proper CID on the PAI header, and my carrier uses that as CID for outbound calls.