Select a "Caller ID" as "outbound Caller ID" from Call Queue and Auto Attendants

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My PSTN connectivity is using "Direct routing" instead of "Calling Plan". 


and I saw the following document and it stated "Agents can select which outbound caller ID number to use with each outbound call they make".

Also, it mentioned in the following discussion: 

However, when I make same procedure for Auto Attendant, it failed. 
Is it only applied to "Call Queue" ? Not for "Auto Attendant"? 



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Some main points that I can share with my experience regarding this,
you need to consider the following things to enable this feature:
1. Setup the Assign calling ID (under the Call Queue setting)
- Add the Resource Account which assigned the Phone number (that want to display as outbout caller ID)
2. Call answering
- Must use the option "Choose a team" (instead of Users/Groups). You can create a new team (example: CQ team) and add the members (as agents) to the call queue.
3. After finishing the above setup for the call queue, go to the CQ team.
- Under the CQ team -> General, agents should see the "Calls" tab.
- Make the outbound call for the Call Queue from the Dial pad here
- 2 options to make the call using the agent's DID/ Resource account DID number.
Good luck ;).

Nguyen The Thang