Secondary Ringer disappears randomly

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Good afternoon,


One of our users have a recurring issue: her secondary ringer keeps disappearing.

It's configured to the built-in speakers of her computer screen (Samsung S24C650 with latest drivers installed). When we apply the changes, everything works. We completely closed and reopened Teams (using task manager so it didn't run in the background) to verify, and the configuration was still correct. After reboot however , the secondary ringer is gone. We reinstalled the Teams application , but this didn't help either. 

It's the only user in our company with this issue, other colleagues have a similar setup with the same screens and PC's. Has anyone in the community seen this before? 


All tips are welcome!


Thanks in advance

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I am seeing this issue on my own PC, which is an HP EliteBook 2-in-1 where I am either setting the built-in speakers or a Jabra Link 370 paired with a Jabra Speak 510.  I checked this morning and Secondary Ringer was set to "none". 

I'm having the exact same problem. A few times a week I have to re-set the laptop speakers as the secondary ringer. In using a Dell laptop.



The same problem still exists. Every few days the secondary ringer reverts to blank.


It's very annoying. If I am away from my desk when call comes in, the only audio indication is the brief end of call sound when the incoming call silent "ringing" ends.

@JesseWV I have noticed that it happens everytime my laptop installs a update, so it seems to be dropping the secondary ringer settings.  This is a bug I would have thought Microsoft would be able to resolve.

@RichardVet You just post some random "fix audio problems" website. Have you actually read the question? It's not about the secondary ringer not working. It's about the setting getting reset to "None". This happens every time Teams is upated for some reason, and microsoft have still not fixed it after more than a year.

Hello all,
not sure if you already solved the issue. I had the same experience here and I found, that during the time when the screensaver get's activated, the HDMI connected secondary monitor seems to switch to a kind of sleep mode, followed by the HDMI audio device getting unavailable and therefore getting removed from the Teams configuration. So to me it looks like not to be a Teams issue, but more a power saving issue, maybe the monitor causing it. Maybe somebody has an idea to that?
I have had that happen a dozen times over the last couple of years. It seems that I get some sort of automatic updates pushed to my work laptop and both Avaya phone and MS Teams see my USB speaker as a new device and the old one is no longer connected. Whatever mechanism the computer is using to keep track of the devices sees them as new devices after updates, making those two programs think the old device is gone. Super annoying when I miss calls from the boss because I don't wear the headset all day.