Search users by Department or Title ?

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As I'm moving users from Skype for Business to Teams, one question that keeps coming up is how to search for other users in a specific department or with a particular job title. This was something that our staff used regularly in Skype. 


Initial attempts to search for a department or title in Teams were unsuccessful.  Is there a way to do this, or is it just not possible currently?

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AFAIK no, but you can use The Who bot ! Try typing /who in the search bar! You can ask questions about people or knowledge etc here! There also an organizational scheme you can browse

@adam deltinger @Steve Whitcher  just tried this myself, and unfortunately the Who bot can't find users by their job title or anything like that either.  That's too bad because this would be a helpful feature.


I wonder if this functionality will eventually come over from Skype...?

Yeah, i haven’t heard anything about it! @Chris hoard , have you?

For so long I’ll suggest going to uservoice and post a request there for people to vote if there no one already

@adam deltinger  That was my first thought as well, but it doesn't seem to be able to answer questions of this nature.  

@Steve Whitcher Since we don't have Exchange Online we don't have a Who bot, so we use the organization tab display for a person. A poor substitute but helps at times. Search for someone you know is in the department you are looking for and click on the Organization tab . Or click on a user icon in a teams conversation and do the same thing. Handy unless your company has disabled viewing of organization structure.  All you need for that to work is populate the manager field in your AD accounts.

@Robin Nilsson Thanks, I've actually suggested that to users as an option as well.  In some cases, that works, but it's not ideal when they are used to searching for a department name and getting a list of everyone in the department.  Especially when they don't know the name of anyone in that dept off the top of their head, and just want to find anyone in that dept. 


There is a UserVoice request for this already, but with only a dozen votes so far.  Please consider voting for it if you think it should be added:



It appears the uservoice page is deactivated: whether using your link or the "Suggest a Feature" link from Team's help menu, I get: "This site is not currently active"

I am astounded that there is no way to search people by title, location and department in teams. This is collaboration 101 type stuff! Any additional work arounds at this point?


@rbelt2020 I have seen nothing so far.  Make sure to vote for this feature and hopefully enough people will request it so that we can get this done.  It's one of the things I do NOT like about Teams and one of the things that workers have expressed displeasure over when moving form our old fashioned IM program into Teams.

Sigh.. I'm guessing that means we will never see this feature added....