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Search not showing any result in regards to Channel nor messages. Only showing files results

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Not sure if this helps but you could submit a follow up question on this page and the authorized Microsoft representative can give you personalized tech support: Searching Teams Not Working - Microsoft Community

@AJ_TheOriginal Have you been using your Teams desktop client on your machine for a long time or you just started ? its possible Teams/Windows didn't index your Teams history yet and for that you're getting no results when searching Teams but if you've been using Teams on the same machine for a long time then I would start with basic troubleshooting steps like forcing Team to update (three dots menu under the picture > Check for update) make sure you are on latest build (currently regardless you're on 32 or 64 bit. Try to Sign out/in again for changes to take effect and see how it goes afterwards, maybe even consider rebooting the machine to make sure the search index service is working
one more thing I wanted to check here, when you hit search for a keyword, do you see the different tabs next to the Search word "All Messages People Files" but no results or you can't even see the tabs (check attached file)?

are you experience the same issue with Teams online or just the Desktop client ?