Search context in Teams

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When searching old messages Teams no longer shows context (previous/following messages).

This used to work but seems to have been removed(?).

Is there a fix to get Teams working like it did a year ago? Or is there a plugin to make search useful again?

Currently the search functionality is pretty much useless unless you know exactly what to search or are willing to scroll for a long time.

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I dont think thats relevant to what im asking. Im asking about the context (previous/following messages) shown on search (using ctrl+f or search bar).

Currently when searching for e.g. "What is the password?" the search finds my message asking about the password and the date when message was sent but does not jump to the message or show the reply without manually scrolling way back to when the message was originally sent.

The discussion you linked seems to be about some search improvements(?), but what im talking about is essential functionality that was present but has been removed.


(Besides i tried searching the way described in the topic you linked me and searching that way didnt even find my example question lol)