Seamless Sign on with Duo

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Please I need your help on this.


We are looking into enabling Seamless SSO in Azure AD sync.

We are also looking using Duo for our 2FA for Azure/O365. I wanted to check to make sure that Seamless SSO will still work with Duo as our 2FA provider before we move forward with this.


I emailed Duo support and got the following reply: "Regarding your question about Azure Active Directory Seamless Single Sign-On, our engineer tested with Duo SSO (Azure has to be the IdP for Duo SSO ) and it worked.


I would like to confirm whether it works with Duo for Azure Conditional Access or not, I believe it work,



However I would like to confirm whether Azure Active Directory Seamless Single Sign-On can work with Azure CA or not."

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If this is about Azure AD I would direct this question to the Entra forum. I will mark it off but should it be about Teams, please write out the question this relates to in Teams functionality and I will be happy to come back and review


Entra forum is here in SCI: Microsoft Entra (Azure AD) - Microsoft Tech Community


Best, Chris