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We are currently using the Skype/Lync client SDK for Skype integration between the Skype Client and a windows application. Now we are soon moving to Teams. Is there any SDK for the Teams Client with the same functionallity?

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Check out our developer platform here:


Hi @Thomas Binder ,


Actually the link you provided doesn't help with my case too, 

I need to make a desktop application as kiosk that can make a Voice/Video calls to Microsoft Teams Clients, is this possible?

For example:

When a user clicks on a button on my kiosks desktop application, this button will call a customer service agent on Microsoft Teams client through a voice/video call.

I've checked the Microsoft Teams & graph API documentations and I didn't get my answers there, this is what I looked at:

If I can do that, would you please share with me the tutorial or the logic to do this ?




Hi @Jon Rellsve ,

Have you found any solution for your inquiry ? Because I want to do the same logic as you.





Hi, I have not found a solution to this problem yet.



hi, same problem here.


do you have an idea how the ms teams 'partner devices' work?:


among these devices, there are android based desk phones. from the pictures i found they are running a slick GUI, and i am wondering which SDK/API they are using...


good luck



I have the same question and hope Microsoft Teams answer this.


@Jon Rellsve  Have you found the solution yet? I have the same requirement as yours. The calling/online meeting api from microsoft graph seems to be the one but I still could not sort it out yet.

Hi Haitham_Elnemr
Have you found the solution yet? Thanks!

@Li_Gyul I have not found any solution to this problem yet.