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Before I downloaded Microsoft Team for school project (64-bits version/64-bit pc) I got the mention: It's possible not compatible with your pc (our something in that trend). After that I still downloaded it. Now I get every moment I start the PC, the mention: #Script has stopped. I think it is because of Teams. I have tried another browsers, but it didn't help. Re-downloading Teams doesn't work either. Can someone help me?

[Sorry for my bad English. I am not a native speaker]
[I also don't know if this is the right forum, but because I think the problem is on Team someone could help me.]
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The following PowerShell commands will identity if your machine is capable of running Microsoft Teams.


Set-Location -Path "$env:LOCALAPPDATA\Microsoft\Teams\current\"
$teams = '.\Teams.exe'

If ($OS -gt 6)
Write-Host 'Success: Windows OS Version 7 or greater than' -ForegroundColor White -BackgroundColor DarkGreen
if ($diskspace -gt 3221225472)
Write-Host 'Success: Available disk space greater than 3GB' -ForegroundColor White -BackgroundColor DarkGreen
if ($net45.Build -gt 3)
Write-Host 'Success: .NET4.5 or greater is installed' -ForegroundColor White -BackgroundColor DarkGreen
Write-Host 'Error: Client computer doesnt met one of the following requirements OS, Disk Space or .NET Version. Please check your client machine against the opening webpage' -ForegroundColor White -BackgroundColor DarkRed
$IE=new-object -ComObject internetexplorer.application
$IE.navigate2(('{0}' -f $ErrorURL))