Scren share resolution is not proper

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I am using the teams for by daily activities, when i could observer that whenever i join join a meeting a new tab is getting opened. When someone shares a screen then resolution is not matching my laptop's. In my laptop resolution is1920x1080. Refer the attached image where we could see actual screen is only in the center, in both left and right side there is a black boundary.


I am using Teams version : Microsoft Teams Version (32-bit). It was last updated on 18-05-2021.


Any help to resolve would be helpful.





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@Mohanaprakash If you press the ... menu you can choose Full Screen and Focus, that will then hide nearly all of the other parts of the meeting interface so the screen is just under full size. 

If I am following you correctly, then your interpretation of what is supposed to happen is incorrect. In your example, it seems as if someone is sharing an application. That application probably isn't full screen, it may actually be twice the size of your screen (if the other user is on a 4k workstation).
What you will normally see on your system is the shared image, resized to fit into your display area. That means that if the source image is very wide, then you'll have top and bottom black bars, and if the source image is too tall, you will have black sidebars.
You really will never get a 1 to t pixel mapping. If I were share my current 1920x1200 screen with you, you wouldn't be able to see it all, hence Teams will downsize my screen to fit in your display area.

@Ed Woodrick 

I have not faced this problem when meeting was opening in the same window. This problem started only when teams started to open the meeting in separate tab.