Screen Sharing Latency in Teams is Terrible

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I spend 4-6 hours every day on Zoom and Google Meetings.  Unfortunately, I also spend 1 hour 1-2 times per month on Microsoft Teams meetings.   I routinely need to share my screen and this is impossibly slow whenever the dreaded Teams meeting occurs.  It works fine on Zoom and Google meetings, but never works on Teams.


  I am not using the installed app, and am running it from within Chrome.   My internet connection is not great, but that doesn't seem to be a problem with any other software or service - e.g. Zoom, Google Meetings, Webex, etc.     I don't have any problems viewing screens that others are sharing, so it's related to the upload bandwidth.  But if Zoom can figure out how to make the service work with limited bandwidth, why does Microsoft deliver such sh***y software?


I'm not going to install the app again.  I did that on my last macbook last year and our security team went ballistic.  It will have to run in the browser (Chrome - not IE or FF or Safari)


I kill almost all other software, disable the VPN and make sure that nobody else in the building is doing any streaming - and yet Teams still can't handle a simple screen share.   WTF?

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Hi Jethro, you mention that you're not using the installed app, and you're instead running it (Teams) from within Chrome - so this is the online version of Teams. I'm not aware that you're able to do screen sharing with the online version of Teams. You need to use the installed (desktop) app.
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don't know if you still have this issue or if this information will help, but Teams multiplexes multiple UDP sessions which means if you have multiple public IP addresses for your organisation then you will lose any packets hashed to a separate IP address from the original control channel

hope that helps