Screen Sharing issue in VDI

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Hi Fellas,

When we are using MS Teams on VDI platform and initiate a call am unable to share the screen. 

Even opposite user shares the screen i cannot able to see the screen. 

would you please help me on this to get resolved. Its affecting the entire workspace.


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@Jackaravinth - It seems to be a limitation .


  • Only one video stream from an incoming camera or screen share stream is supported. When there's an incoming screen share, that screen share is shown, instead of the video of the dominant speaker.
  • Teams doesn't switch to use the last audio device that a user selected, if the device is disconnected, and then reconnected.
  • Outgoing screen sharing:
    • Application sharing is not supported.
  • Give control and take control:
    • Not supported during a screen sharing or application sharing session.
    • Supported during a PowerPoint sharing session.
  • Citrix-only limitations
    • When screen sharing in a multi-monitor setup, only the main monitor is shared.
    • High DPI scaling on CWA is not supported.


Same exact issue on our side. MS really should develop a fix for this. I don't understand why Microsoft's own products are not compatible with their own solution (Azure Virtual Desktops).