Screen-Sharing and Video lagging

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one of our customer reports lagging video in Microsoft Teams since some weeks. Shared screens and cameras are freezing for 20-30 seconds sometimes so following a presentation is nearly impossible.


We tried the following to solve this issue:

- uninstalled Teams from Control Panel, then deleted all Teams folders under %APPDATA% and %LOCALAPPDATA%, then reinstalled MS Teams with newest installer

- logged in with a different user on the same machine, installed MS Teams, still no difference

- disabled GPU hardware acceleration

- uninstalled Ethernet drivers, tried official drivers from Fujitsu (as this is a Fujitsu Notebook) and after this didn't solve the issue the drivers for the specific adapter from Intel itself

- Reset network stack (netsh int ip reset tcpreset.txt)

- uninstalled Sophos SSL VPN client (reinstalled it after testing)

- tried a different Laptop on same ethernet, this one doesn't have this issue with same Microsoft ID

- tried ethernet connection in a different network directly attached to a completly different internet connection and router, still the same issue

- tried Teams via built in LTE on the affected machine, no issue! It seems to be an ethernet issue on that machine


So it seems that Teams has a problem with that specific ethernet connection on that laptop. Every connection works fine (VoIP via VPN, Remote Desktop via VPN, GoToMeeting/Zoom/...). What could cause this issue?


Thanks in advance


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Hi @JEsders

"tried a different Laptop on same ethernet, this one doesn't have this issue with same Microsoft ID"

At least we know, it's the end device. Check the taskmanager for suspicious tasks and the usage of all hardware parts. Also check the difference between the both laptops and try to figure out what's the problem. Maybe try to provide more informations. I guess the laptop has just too bad hardware.

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Thanks for your reply.


The CPU/GPU/RAM/HDD usage is just fine. I don't think its just the hardware as Teams worked pretty good until 2-3 weeks ago.


The device has an i7, SSD and NVidia GPU+Intel GPU. I also tried to disable the Intel or NVidia GPU, but it worked as bad as before.


What's weird is, that the built in 4G is working good but ethernet doesn't.

Hi @JEsders did you somehow resolve this issue? 

I've got the same problem. Was using Teams on a mac and it worked perfectly. Changed to a windows (10) desktop and the screen share is laggy as hell. I use teams for online classes where the professor shares what he's doing on his computer. I got a delay of over 30 seconds between what he does (and my colleagues see) and what I see.

Edit: Was doing a test and when I pop-out the screen share it works perfectly, when it's inside the window it's laggy.

Did your problem get solved. I am have exactly the same type of issue. When I share my screen the receiver tells me that my Screen is lagging for as much as 30 seconds. This issue is only there when I use Wifi och Ethernet cable. It disappears when I use 4G modem.