Screen sharing and late arrivals problem

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One thing I've noticed is that if sharing a screen during a Teams meeting/call, when someone else joins the call (e.g., they are 5 minutes late), the presenter has to share their screen again in order for the newcomer to also see it. You could imagine how annoying that can be if there are 10 people invited to the meeting and several arrive a few minutes late. Has anyone else had this issue and do you now a workaround?
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First I have heard of this issue.  I'll do some research to see what I can find out. Curious as to if you were sharing the whole screen of a multi-screen connection, the whole Desktop or just one application?
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The whole desktop is the only time I have tried it.
This dialog was from February 18 and not sure what builds we each had. Was this a known issue or has anyone else experienced this?
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@Forrest Hoffman  This is constantly happening to my team now. Late arrivals do not see the screen share. Stop sharing and reshare is the only workaround.

@Forrest Hoffman Hi Forrest, has this question/issue been progressed at all - I'd also like to know a solution/way around to this problem.


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I checked with 2 users and neither has experienced the problem recently.
I'm guessing that a Teams app update or service update resolved it.