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I have an issue with screen sharing. When I request control of someones screen, before my mouse pointer appears on screen I have to leave the full screen view, ie click on the chat tab within Teams, and click back onto the call/meeting view in the top left corner of the interface. Once I do that my mouse pointer appears, and I have full control as normal. I have tested this with two other colleagues in the company, they are using the windows version of teams and I am using the MacOS version of Teams. If they request to take control of the screen then they have to perform the same sequence as above, and then it works fine.

This has only started happening recently, and due to the Covid-19 and working from home I am using my own Macbook with the version of teams downloaded from the MS website and then logging into using my company credentials.


macOS Catalina 10.15.6

MacOS Teams version

Windows version (64 bit)


Any help with this would be appreciated


Thanks Richard



Just did another check, this also happens between Windows to Windows screen share as well

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i think it a service issues been worked on it would soon be back fully