Screen is (un)shared by another participant changes focus from my application to Teams


Since "Microsoft Teams-version (64-bits). Last updated on 30-6-2021." Teams changes the focus from whatever app I am using (on a different screen) back to Teams, whenever another participant shares their screen or when they stop sharing. Sometimes it causes Teams to be hidden behind other applications.

Please fix!  (I have not had that behaviour before last week's version update) 

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Please refer the community response on the below thread

Quoting from the thread posted by Microsoft Engineering Team:-
"Hi all, thanks for reporting this issue. I'm from the Teams Engineering team, and we're aware of this. We have a fix ready that will be coming out in a release very soon.
Report a Problem is the best place to report an issue like this, or on this forum. We have a team reviewing all of the feedback and are very grateful for the time spent reporting it. UserVoice is another good option, but as mentioned sometimes takes time to pass our radar with the votes. Thank you!"

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